Susanna Flock - I don't exist yet, 2019

Exhibition Opening
Tuesday, October 20th 2020, 7:00pm

The phrase „out of touch“ or „out of touch with reality“ stands for a feeling of incapacity to understand, or to feel/touch something anymore: a symptom that may also describe our current relationship to technology. In the seemingly dematerializing world, we engage more and more with immaterial and territorially unbound spaces behind mirror-smooth screens, that are not tangibly accessible.
Susanna Flock’s solo exhibition „how to turn a man into a melon“ brings together works that explore traces that the interweaving of technologies with all aspects of our lives leaves behind.

Susanna Flock

Opening Hours
October 21th – 30th, 3 – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday closed
Also open by appointment.

Michaela Schwentner — Un divertissement d’amour, 2011
Michaela Schwentner — Un divertissement d’amour, 2011

Video Screening:
Postponed due the actual COVID-19 restrictions

The TRANSFERENCE program brings together works that deal with translation. A range of different approaches are shown:
Annja Krautgasser transfers existing film material into a filmic miniature, Marwa Arsanios’ fragmented essay narrative works with re-enactments of documentary material. Michaela Schwentner’s film transposes theoretical text material into a cinematic, figurative setting, and Tatiana Lecomte’s tracing of an actual event is translated into sound using generative techniques.

Michaela Schwentner — Un divertissement d’amour
A 2011 | 10:40 min

Marwa Arsanios — Have You Ever Killed a Bear? Or Becoming Jamila
LB 2013-2014 | 25 min

Tatiana Lecomte — Ein mörderischer Lärm
A/I 2009-2011 | 21 min

Roma Kollektiv / Annja Krautgasser (Initiatorin) — Remake Romanzo Criminale
A/I 2009-2011 | 13 min

Annja Krautgasser — Re-run
A 2015 | 16 min

Curated by: Michaela Schwentner

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Last September, bb15 hosted the artist Nieves de la Fuente in the course of an artist residence. During her stay, de la Fuente worked on a long-term project of hers entiteled “Reliquia de las disciplinas geograficas”, initiated in 2014 and based on a short story by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. In collaboration with „Grand Garage Linz“ Nieves produced a new sculptural work embodying a possible inhabitant of Borges‘ narrated territory. The work will be presented in a collective exhibition at bb15 at the end of the year. Here is a video interview made during her residency.