A steam powered bird

Andreas Kurz / Nina Nowak / Felix Pöchhacker

Exhibition Postponed due to current covid Situation

The positions shown are united by their approach to questions of space. While in Nina Nowaks works the border between animated and dead matter comes to the foreground, the works of Felix Pöchhacker attempt to inscribe themselves into the exhibition space, referring to cultural and economic questions. The work of Andreas Kurz, consisting of a 4-channel sound installation of improvised sound fragments, refers to acoustic environments with complex structures and is complemented by the concretely sculptural.








In 2020, Minute/Year is installed at bb15, in Linz, Austria. From January 1. until December 31., 2020, the work will record one minute of audio, at 8:20pm — or, 20:20 — each day.

Minute/Year is a durational, process-based work, ongoing since January 1., 2016. The daily archive of traces created by the work is available online, and can be followed on Twitter, Vimeo, or Telegram. The recordings are also available as a weekly podcast (via RSS, iTunes, and Google Play). A more detailed introduction to the work is available on the Kovács/O’Doherty website.

Throughout the coming year, there will also be a program of events — interventions, micro-concerts, open minutes, and more — organised around Minute/Year, curated by Gabriela Gordillo. These events will experiment, reflect, hack, and play with the piece, both conceptually and practically, and more details about these will be coming soon.


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