bb15 had planned to host a Wavering Worlds concert featuring the artists Caroline Profanter (IT) and Man Rei (EST). Since travelling is still not allowed and most people are now overwhelmed by the many cultural events taking place online, we initiated an alternative project to bring analogue music into your homes: a limited edition of cassettes.

Under the Title „Wavering Worlds#16 – 2 live sessions from a distance“ Caroline Profanter and Man Rei both recorded live sets in their private spaces.

Caroline Profanter works with field recordings, amplified objects and feedback-systems, with the help of computers and analogue devices. She creates imaginary soundscapes and sonic narratives, on the perceptional threshold of familiarity, playing sounds that are constantly being transformed into something else. With a special interest in background noises and interferences, the sounds are simply produced by our environment: electricity and other waves that surround us.

Man Rei is a project of cinematic songs where the film might be a soundtrack for dreams. The lyrics, almost devoid of narrative, are accompanied by mangled voices and hazy guitar loops, reflecting on themselves to the point of dissolution.

Here you can buy the Tape and listen to excerpts:

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Exhibition & Performance

Opening hours
June 16th – 23rd, 3 – 6 pm
Also open by appointment.

Performance (with GrainField)
On the 16th and 17th of June at 4 pm and 6 pm
Limited to a maximum of 15 people. Registration is requested (
Please bring a fully charged smartphone, it will be part of the performance.
Please be aware that the Covid Regulations now in force will apply to your visit to the exhibition.

Sascha Brosamers new work „TRANSOCEANIC“ deals with the cultural imagination of dematerialisation, historical sound carriers and digital colonialism.

The worldwide distribution of shellac records started around 1925 with an unprecedented electrical recording boom. It was also the beginning of the music industry as we know it today. The trade networks were run via the old colonial ports and slave shipping routes on the Black Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea and the Polynesian Pacific. The contemporary music industry is predominantly digital and online. The internet has emerged as a „global jukebox“ of digital sounds. However, the network infrastructures remain resolutely material and are entangled with the colonial and militaristic histories of the western world. This materiality exists deep under the ocean. Undersea cables are the critical infrastructures that currently support over 95 percent of transoceanic internet traffic.

„GrainField touch“ is a web-based application used to network the audience and create an immersive listening experience. It was designed by Benjamin Matuszewski and Norbert Schnell as part of the CoSiMa research project developed at the IRCAM Center Pompidou.

Edition with Giulia Currá
Limited edition of 32 music sheets
in collaboration with Traslochi Emotivi
and Vegetal Import Festival | Milan | Italy

New EP Release
Digital via Bandcamp and 12″ Vinyl (pre-order).

Sascha Brosamer - TRANSOCEANIC_©LB

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In 2020, Minute/Year is installed at bb15, in Linz, Austria. From January 1. until December 31., 2020, the work will record one minute of audio, at 8:20pm — or, 20:20 — each day.

Minute/Year is a durational, process-based work, ongoing since January 1., 2016. The daily archive of traces created by the work is available online, and can be followed on Twitter, Vimeo, or Telegram. The recordings are also available as a weekly podcast (via RSS, iTunes, and Google Play). A more detailed introduction to the work is available on the Kovács/O’Doherty website.

Throughout the coming year, there will also be a program of events — interventions, micro-concerts, open minutes, and more — organised around Minute/Year, curated by Gabriela Gordillo. These events will experiment, reflect, hack, and play with the piece, both conceptually and practically, and more details about these will be coming soon.