Open Call 2020: ART+MAGIC

The Open Call 2020 has ended! A total of 348 artists submitted a proposal to bb15’s residency program. We would like to thank all participants and are happy to introduce the artists Elisabeth Molin, Will Hughes, and Tom Bogaert to our Artist in Residence program 2021.

Elisabeth Molin

Elisabeth Molin studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and MA Photography at Royal College of Art in London. She has recently shown work at Wiels in Brussels, Sundy in London, Sixty Eight Institute in Copenhagen, Austrian Cultural Forum in London and MAW, ISCP and Columbia University in New York. She has shown her videos at part of the 32nd Images Festival in Toronto, the 31 Stuttgarter Filmwinter in Stuttgart and the 7th Medrar Video Festival in Cairo.

Elisabeth Molin, At the edge of Perception (still from video) Work in progress (2020)

The project is called At the edge of Perception, and is at the moment taking form as a video montage that I will develop into on spatial installation during the residency. The project is based on auditory interviews with people whose stories explore the edges of perception in different ways. Through the work I’m interested to make seemingly disconnected worlds collide and to emphasize a sensation of slipperiness of language and meaning.

Will Hughes

Will Hughes is a Multi-Disciplinary artist who is a studio holder at The Auxiliary in Middlesbrough. Will’s work is Conceptually driven by lived experiences as a queer, non binary person in the UK. They explore human themes such as touch, belonging and sensuality, through the use of everyday and constructed objects, as well as lyrics which title the works. The work seeks to seduce the viewer through materials and the often slow mechanical repetitive movements. Building layers of understanding, pop imagery and materiality into the work.

Will Hughes (left to right): ’3am, Mustang speedin’, Two lovers, headed for a dead end, Too fast, hold tight, he laughs.’ (2019); ’I Wish I Were Amanda Lepore’ (2018); ’I’m just gonna dance all night, I’m all messed up, I’m so outta line’ (2020)

The project ‘Your touch is so magic to me, The strangest things can happen’ is in response to the theme of Art & Magic. Using fluted glass and mechanical movement the work will seek to seduce the viewer and imagine the caressing touch of the skin through mechanical movement. Taking design cues from Art Deco and the glamour of the period, In1720s Scotland, the word ‘Glamor’ meant magic and enchantment. Glamor could be cast like a spell. This is something i wish to replicate with this project. By using music to title my work it acts to contextualise it through popular culture. The tittle of this project is a lyric from ‘Love Sex Magic’ (2009) by Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake. 

Tom Bogaert

Tom Bogaert worked as a refugee lawyer for the UN and Amnesty International until the age of 38. He had his first solo exhibition in NYC in 2008 with the legendary ‘Jack the Pelican Presents’ gallery and moved to Amman, Jordan soon thereafter. Bogaert has widely exhibited in Europe, the US, and in the MENA region—mainly in artist-run and nonprofit venues. He was awarded first prize at the Videoex film festival in Zurich, Switzerland for his experimental documentary “pepsi, cola, water?” about the legendary jazz pioneer Sun Ra and his infamous 1971 visit to Egypt.

Tom Bogaert (left to right): Fountain (2020); LIVE FROM BERLIN, it’s Sunday Night! (2020); Still image from pepsi, cola, water? (2015)

Tom Bogaert’s ‘Sun Ra Ra’ is a new site-specific extravagant colorful immersive anechoic chamber-looking sound installation. A constellation of car sun shields in red, gold, and blue recall the colors of Tutankhamen’s burial mask, while their exotic metallic texture evokes the eccentric uniforms worn by Sun Ra and his Arkestra. In the chamber the audience will be introduced to different versions of the traditional Haitian Rara song ‘Fize nimewo nèf’ – including Sun Ra’s ‘Rocket Number Nine’ and a newly commissioned Austrian techno ‘Rakete Nummer neun’.