Clouds (working title)

Pio Rahner

When? 05.09.2017 19:30 - 12.09.2017 18:00
Where? bb15

Exhibition Opening:
September 5th, 19:30

Opening Hours:
September 6th - 12th, 15:00 - 18:00
Saturday/Sunday closed

Pio Rahner was born in Offenburg. He lives and works in Bremen. Pio Rahner’s works oscillate between conceptual photography and installation-sculpture. One of the main focuses of his practice is balancing his concentration on a specific object with the realization, production and positioning of the object in its surroundings. At bb15 he is preparing a new series that examines the architecture of the space and explores themes of protection and cosiness.


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Clouds (working title) Pio Rahner

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