The tongue is a highly flexible organ

Julia Gutweniger / Katharina Zimmerhackl

When? 21.02.2020 19:30
Where? bb15

February 21st, 2020, 7 pm
Performance by Katharina Zimmerhackl at 7:30 pm

Opening hours
February 22nd – 28th, 3 – 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday closed
Also open by appointment.

Reduced, condensed, minimal languages are at the core of Julia Gutweniger and Katharina Zimmerhackl’s practices, both as a theme and as compositional preferences. Language is a bodily experience, approached as a sculptural material that is shaped by the body, but which also shapes the body: the mouth, the tongue, our gestures, etc.

During her residency at bb15, Katharina Zimmerhackl is developing a new work dealing with early childhood speech and how spoken words are produced bodily through obstacles like the lips, in order to be materialised into sound. Her installation links aspects of eroticism, psychoanalysis and feminism, looking at the mouth as an interstice between the material and the non-material. For Julia Gutweniger, reduction in the pictorial language creates a distance from which to observe. The Linz-based artist proposes playful and ironic gestures which can be seen as fragments of conversations or encrypted instructions. Her practice, at the crossroad of painting and drawing, brings together different registers, from the physical place of the canvas with its shapes and textures, to a reduced representative iconography.


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The tongue is a highly flexible organ Julia Gutweniger / Katharina Zimmerhackl

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