Exhibition Opening: Thursday, March 14th, 7 pm

Opening Hours: March 15th – 29th
Wednesday – Friday, 3 – 6 pm
or individual appointments

96HIGH presents a series of new works that explore cultural and social understanding of borders, geographically, metaphorically and poetically. In their 2-channel film ‘The New Theater of Operations’, 96HIGH follow four dancers performing near militarized areas in Northern Norway. These choreographed actions are based on exercises from the US Army handbook, ‘Rescue and Procedures in Theaters of Operations’, combined with movement-based games from Theater of the Oppressed. While one rehearses warfare, the other practices conflict-resolution through the body. The film blends and twists the two together.

Merging sculptural and performative expressions, the exhibition presents a scenario where rules of rigid public spaces are turned around, twisted and broken. It examines the construction of borders as the creation of a theatrical stage, a constructed space that produces the fabricated appearance of security.


The exhibition is supported by OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

Opening: Tuesday, January 16th, 7 pm

Opening Hours: January 17th – 27th
Wednesday – Saturday, 3 – 6 pm

In Paralingual Index, a voice will take you on a choreographed listening experience in the peripheries of language using 32 speakers. The exhibition takes its title from Paralingual Index no. 1, a series of signs that each represent a paralingual sound phenomenon. It is an attempt at mapping this often overlooked periphery of language.

The exhibition addresses the complexities inherent in navigating linguistic identities and serves as a canvas for interpreting, studying and playing with these new symbols. In this way, it questions the very essence of a mother tongue and further prompts reflections on identity, pride, and shame entwined with language.

Clara Mosconi (DK/IT) works in the realms of voice and language, particularly within the context of bilinguality. The exhibition stems from Mosconi’s experience of slowly losing her second language, Italian, and the resultant attempts to build relationships outside of rational language. This life circumstance has driven her work towards methodologies aimed at challenging the linguistic outsider position.

Vocal interpretations: Francesca Burattelli

Sound assistance: Stephen McEvoy



Opening: Tuesday, November 28th, 7 pm – attention date has changed !!

Opening Hours:
29th November – 15th December
Wednesday – Friday, 3 – 6 pm

Andrea Lüth is a painter. Her art includes drawing, painting, video, text and sculpture alongside installation and art in public space. Her cross-disciplinary works create surprise, subverting expectations and questioning familiar perspectives. Her work spans numerous exhibitions, projects, art in public space, residencies at home and abroad, public and private purchases, prizes and scholarships.

Externally and internally content and form are conflicting and ambiguous.

A word – a sentence – a text
a melody, a song, a dance move
hot shit
a small attempt, a bigger painting.

Image: Untitled, from the series “Les 50 dessins de Montpellier”, digital drawing, variable size, 2019