Into Onto

Friday, August 12th, 19:30

Opening hours
13. – 15. August, 16:00 to 18:00

Playwright and performer, Amelia Bande, and visual artist, Annette Knol, have been exchanging long distance ‚words‘ since they met in 2007. Talks, letters, readings, images, dreams and thoughts become an alternative to the lover’s immediate presence during absence.
‚Into Onto‘ presents a work in progress that takes the correspondence between two people as the starting point to talk about how we relate through text, symbols, structure, narrative and writing.

The universe Bande and Knol create exists primarily for their own pleasure. By selecting and presenting fragments of this exchange, they uncover an archaeology of desire and discontent whilst simultaneously initiating new fictions. The editing, transforming, isolating and remaking of these fragments opens a door that goes beyond the mere naming of anecdotes and feelings. Collaborating and working alone, the artists share a mixture of outcomes: drawings, messages, photographs, objects, a book.

“The Wrapping” will be performed on the opening night

Amelia Bande (Chile, 1977) & Annette Knol (Netherlands, 1976) both live in Berlin. 
Annette Knol is currently artist in residence at Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz.