In Grounded, Waxy Pith exhibits new works by four young artists. Although each artist has a highly individual approach, a distinctly complementary resonance between each work and, significantly, a symbiotic relationship with the bb15 project space is established. The title relates to the nature of the various different works, exploring the alternate definitions of the term ‚grounded‘.
Curated by Waxy Pith

The works of Stian Ådlandsvik (°1981; Bergen, Norway) have an archaeological bent. Often reorganised hybrids, drawings, photographs and sculptures variously materialise from components or objects he has evaluated and re-contextualised.  

Nick Defour (°1988, Halle, Belgium) is a performance artist whose work delivers a message that calmly refers to a significant moment or situation. A physical trace remains, a sort of palimpsest or veritable relic. 

Sophie Giraux (°1984; Paris, France) makes projections, sculptures and installations. Each of her works is the pure manifestation of its sensorial content and ultimately ephemeral in essence. 

Pol Matthé (°1981; Antwerp, Belgium) makes original works that derive from his very own sourcing pool, where research and experimentation produce the active ingredients, and thence mutate or evolve. 

Waxy Pith is an arts platform founded and run by Jodie Hruby, which functions in Brussels and further afield. Waxy Pith nurtures genuine artistic practice in which the essence of the work is palpable. Each exhibition and occasion is a collaboration, whereby meaningfulness is derived from the nature and quality of the work itself and the particularity with which the works are conceived, combined and presented. 


Exhibition view