Use Your Illusion

Exhibition opening
Tuesday, 13th of November, 19:30

Opening hours
14th – 23rd of November, 15:00 – 18:00 
Sa/Su closed  

An exhibition in two parts.

bb15 – space for contemporary art
, was invited to participate in the art fair at the State Gallery of Upper Austria, 2012. The artist group FAXEN presented the work, Use Your Illusion, which consisted of a commercially available hardware store shelf containing the neon lettering, ‚Use Your Illusion‘. The installation refuses to take part in the common practice of an art fair, and instead acts as a placeholder for a group exhibition at the bb15 premises. A contribution, as a subversive denial, interpretable as a comment or statement about the situation on site and the staging of art. In the subsequent exhibition at bb15, the previously used hardware store shelf acts as a recurring element to form the exhibition architecture. Based on these elements, the surrounding space is opened up by video projections and screens. Through the simultaneity and juxtaposition of the contexts and processes, individual action levels are coordinated as overall aesthetic arrangements in space. Because of the convergence of projection, installation and exhibition, the newly created dispositive goes beyond the individual media and content.

The focus of the exhibition is current video works operating at the interface between artistic realities and chimaeras in art. The works shown are addressing these topics and can be subsumed under the concept of illusion. Illusions in the artistic discourse emerge, especially in relation to issues of aesthetics, presentation and staging. They confront us with the discrepancy between the perception and representation of reality. Illusions are difficult to describe or analyse, and although we are aware that every experience must be an illusion, the question arises: Can we see ourselves in the process of succumbing to an illusion? The exhibition format Use Your Illusion provides an opportunity to review this question.

Sam Bunn
Carola Dertnig
Tomáš Moravec 
Alexandra Navratil 
Roman Štětina 
Jakub Vrba 

Kunstmesse Linz