Standuino Orchestra

bb15 proudly presents: Standuino Orchestra

Thursday, May 16th, 22:00

Standuino Orchestra open-invitation-improvised-music-group that consist basically of everyone who has his Standuino instrument. Any member of the orchestra can organize event and invite othe members to play. The repertoire of the orchestra consists mainly of compositions by Czech composer Karel Bastl (1873-1918).  The main conductor Ondřej Merta with his assistant Václav Peloušek went to archives to search for innovative ways of playing improvised music from the edge of 19th and 20th century. They try to deliver authentic experience of such music for the audience. At present moment fresh contemporary composers are composing pieces for the orchestra ( Hans W. Koch, Lucie Vítková, Standa Filip and others ).


Standuino Orchestra live @ bb15