Grussgott- an exhibition for mobile phone

Tuesday, May 27th, 7:30 pm

As an aside from making sculpture, Sam Bunn has been scripting an inversion of the first Terminator movie: a pessimistic near future sci-fi about a hapless fool who accidentally brings about the end of the world as we know it; which ends up being a good thing. The film is based in Linz and is titled ‘Grussgott’. The hero of the piece thinks this means ‘Great God’ and has named his all seeing, morally minded, body envying supercomputer accordingly.

Not sure what to do with a film script – certainly not finish writing it – this time at bb15 will be used to explore some of the features of the script and some of the surrounding trappings of writing a story, such as writing about what you know, discussing things you’re afraid of and wish could/should happen, various themes from the movie and dressing up. All hopefully without resorting to doing any acting. 

Taking the form of a series of casual conversations mediated through film, or an exercise in film making with austere limits, people the artist knows are invited to drop in during the week of filming and present their mobile phone as a medium on which a piece of the film will be ‘written’. These individual works will be made direct onto the invited guests mobile phone, while they wait. At the screening, all the pieces of film made around the script will arrive in the pockets of all the participants.