Wavering Worlds #5

Tuesday, December 15th, 7:30 pm
Stefan Fraunberger: Hackbrett / Elektronik / Relationen

Wavering Worlds provides a platform for local and international artists/musicians, who oscillate between various musical and artistic genres. Within the framework of Wavering Worlds, multiple forms of multi-media performances and concerts are presented.

Stefan Fraunberger is an earth / vienna based sound-performer, sonic-linguist and author of different content focusing on transformation indwelling the drama of states as movement, silence and possibility. Genuine interest in sculpting the body of air, the composition of tongues, abstract architecture, electricity, strings and the asymmetric laws of presence and perception.

Fraunberger studied experimental electronic music, philosophy, different languages and islamic sciences, did electronic and acoustic performances in clubs and churches, circles around the fluctuating cultural veil as well as he enjoys touring with the band shrack!. Lecturing, translating and writing on liminality, sonic-hermeneutics and relational entities as language, culture, intervals and the other. (Lived and worked in Vienna, Transylvania, London, Verwang, Tehran, Sana’a, Benares and Allepo)


Wavering Worlds #5 - stefan Fraunberger