The Beheading of the Fruitfly (initialized)

Exhibition Opening and Sound Performance
December 13th, 19:00
live stream:

Book Presentation
‚What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?‘                                                                            
The artist in conversation with curator Marijana Schneider  
December 16th, 19:00

Opening Hours
December 14th – 21st, 15:00 – 18:00
Sa/Su closed

In July 2015, the United States publicised their plans to gain the number one position in supercomputing, which was held by the Chinese supercomputer Thiane-2. To achieve this aim, the U.S. imposed an export ban on high-end computer chips. As announced in June 2016, China has maintained its number one position with the Sunway TaihuLight, a supercomputer not only twice as fast as Thiane-2, but based exclusively on home- grown microprocessors. Thiane-2, however, was already much underutilised due to a lack of suitable software.
November 2016: as sound recordings indicate, a super- computer, underwhelmed by its repetitive neural network simulation, started to allow other computational tasks to disrupt and interfere.

The Beheading of the Fruitfly - Antje Guenther