Collect / Diffuse

Exhibition Opening and Soundwalk
April 4th, 19:00

Opening Hours
April 5th – 7th, 15:00 – 18:00

This work will be presented in two parts, a soundwalk and installation. The soundwalk will explore the diverse soundscapes of Linz through walking and listening. Participants are invited to join on an intuitive walk through the city whist attending to the everyday sounds that occur around us. The journey will conclude with a performance within the installation space at the bb15 gallery. The installation will be composed of an ecology of bells and speakers playing field recordings, sense data and analogue sound synthesis.

Tim Shaw is concerned with listening, specifically how complex listening environments can be constructed using a diverse range of techniques and technologies. Employing extended field recording techniques, DIY electronics, self-constructed software, networked systems and acoustic spaces his practice supports heterogeneous approaches to listening, making work that attends to the diverse forms listening can take through digital media. From presenting soundwalks through ‘naturally occurring’ environments to creating highly technical listening experiences, his artistic practice spans environmental sound art, digital media and performance making. He is interested in extended thinking around what the digital is and how this relates to all forms of artistic practice.

Collect / Diffuse - Tim Shaw