Wavering Worlds #10

October 6th, 19:30

The series provides a platform for local and international artists/musicians, who oscillate between various musical and artistic genres. Within the framework of „Wavering Worlds“, multiple forms of multi-media performances and concerts are presented.

T/A-Z is a temporary playground for experiments with sound, focusing on continuous ecosystems, speech, impulse and feedback. Working in different areas of sound research, Paul Gründorfer, Stefan Nussbaumer and Michael Fischer will play in various constellations, using audio and visual feedback as a kind of extended concept for live improvisation.

Paul Gründorfer: Electronics
Stefan Nussbaumer: Electronics, Videosynth
Michael Fischer: Feedback Saxophone

Paul Gründorfer works in the area of conceptual and procedural art, location-specific intervention, sound or language sculpture, and topics that deal with functional methods and the capture of spatial conditions. At the same time, process-related experimental setups are designed and variable or unstable systems are tested for their perceptibility and reception. His work focuses on processes that arise through the adaptation of found material to play with sound as a ‚found-object‘. Recent studies examine different connections between transmitter-receiver networks and at the same time deal abstractly with aspects of communication.

Stefan Nussbaumer works at the interface between visual art and sound art. Originally from the visual arts (completed painting studies at the Wiener Hochschule für angewandte Kunst), he began in the early 2000s with algorithmic sound production, both for installative, artistic projects, as well as free improvisation in interplay with others Musicians and musicians. In his current work Stefan Nussbaumer follows the synaesthetic perception between sound and image. In this process, visual information (colors) are converted into control commands for the algorithmic sound generation by means of a self-developed smartphone application called „VideOSC“. The resulting expression may be understood both as musical work and as an „extended pictorial space“.

Michael Fischer, musician-composer in improvised / experimental music and noise; works with saxophone, violin, soundscapes and instant composition conducting on the linguistic immobility of sounds, and since 1999 on the electroacoustic phenomenon feedback, elaboration of the feedback saxophone. Foundation of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra 2004 with focus on experimental lyricism. Numerous projects with artists of the international improvisation scene and in cross-border contexts in Europe, Lebanon, USA and Japan. Guest lectures at the Peabody Inst.-The Johns Hopkins University of Maryland, Inst. For Linguistics Univ. for applied arts Vienna, University of Architecture Vaduz, Goethe Institute Palermo, Bruckner University Linz, etc.

Wavering Worlds #10