Wavering Worlds #9

The series provides a platform for local and international artists/musicians, who oscillate between various musical and artistic genres. Within the framework of „Wavering Worlds“, multiple forms of multi-media performances and concerts are presented.

March 14th, 19:00

petr vrba: trumpet, clarinet, electronics
veronika mayer: electronics

Veronika Mayer and Petr Vrba are both part of a very active scene of experimental and free improvised music. A spontaneous open air jam session gave birth to their experiments with air, beat frequencies and the subtle meandering of combination tones and smooth changes in intonation. During the last years their collaboration included changes of instruments, experiments with improvisational forms and concepts as well as detailed joint planned compositions.

In its music the duo junk & the beast creates a stirring atmosphere with the mixture of acoustic instruments and electronic sound generators, a balanced and fine-tuned organisation of sound with the creation and fusion of timbres and noise. Concentrated on the essence, they reach a radical clarity in transitions of dense to porous episodes and tension to release.


Wavering Worlds #9 junk & the beast