Exhibition Opening
April 9th 2019, 19:30

Opening Hours
April 10th – 16th, 15:00 – 18:00
Saturday and Sunday closed

“Sometimes our research has points of contact. At that moment we feel free from our personal work, we move from our individual characters to join like Daitarn 3.”

Through the study of events that took place in specific territories, Paola Pasquaretta reflects on man’s ability to relate to natural or artificial landscapes that have become abnormal. Her works combine photography, sculpture, 3D printing and video, maintaining strong ties with the places they originate from.

Michele Bazzana utilizes diverse objects, devices, toys and everyday materials to emphasize the paradoxical nature of their automatic or mechanized processes. The associations he creates between image and function reveal a universe of anthropomorphic devices that become unlikely metaphors for our thoughts, impulses, emotions and behaviours.

In their residency at bb15, Paola Pasquaretta and Michele Bazzana will work on what the virtual world allows us to put into practice in the real one, focussing on the boundaries between popular sayings and science that are involved when one realizes the fantasies of others through online tutorials: Stealing a sold-off wisdom to reveal its poetics.