Cinéma Maison S01 E02

Tuesday, October 22nd 2019, 7:00pm

Selected films by Katrina Daschner, Willehad Eilers, Dieter Kovačič & Billy Roisz, kozek hörlonski, Claudia Larcher, Alexander Martinz, Sabine Marte, Hyeji Nam, and Mariya Vasilyeva

„Horror or porn?“ This question was a constant companion when I worked the last three years together with Alexander Martinz and Peter Kozek on the film trilogy Dämonische Leinwände. In fact, the question came from people who were only peripherally involved in art production, people we asked for permission to shoot, borrowed boats and bought props from or asked for other favors. Even the resale of the props attracted porn producers.

What are the real similarities between the two genres? Are there similarities in the body images, in the staging, or are they the closely related taboo zones of fear and desire? The focus of this evening is on the artistic reflection of horror, queer eroticism and pornography arranged into the themes horror house, homeland, body images and tutorials. Cinéma Maison S01E02 will also show and illuminate the perspective on visual components such as furnishings, costumes and makeup.

Programming and text: Thomas Hörl

cinema maison s01e02_3