Wavering Worlds #14

Sound performance
November 8th 2019, 7:30pm

The series „Weavering Worlds“ provides a platform for local and international artists and musicians who oscillate between various musical and artistic genres. Within the framework disparate forms of multi-media concerts and performances are presented.

Ulla Rauter’s self-made instruments often work as an extension of her body, turning it into a musical interface. In her current performance she uses an artificial voice like a musical live instrument while her natural voice becomes an artifact by the use of fingertip sensors. www.ullarauter.com

Benjamin Tomasi works with different acoustic sources, combining analogue sound objects and digital sound spheres in a multi-channel setup regarding the spatial conditions of the bb15. www.benjamintomasi.com

In their performance Benjamin Tomasi and Ulla Rauter combine artificial voices with physical sounds.

WW#14 is presented as part of the cooperation between bb15 and the gfk – Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik OÖ (Upper Austrian Society for Cultural Politics) on the topic of disruption (Störung).

Wavering Worlds #14 (c) Reinhard Winkler

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