Wavering Worlds #15 – The Archive of loops: open recording session

Sound performance
November 26th 2019, 7:00pm sharp

The series „Weavering Worlds“ provides a platform for local and international artists and musicians who oscillate between various musical and artistic genres. Within the framework disparate forms of multi-media concerts and performances are presented.

“The Archive of Loops” is an expanding archive of sound improvisations, which the artist regularly performs and records in her studio. Making use of looper and effect pedals she generates layers of voice, guitar, percussions and found instruments, playing with notions of order, disorder, time (i)reversibility and memory accumulation. Each session is recorded encapsulating room and accidental sounds and is archived unedited. The archive is the source material for compositions that play along with the artist’s films and installations and crystallise in yearly releases. At bb15 she will perform an open recording session of the archive. 

Wavering Worlds #15 - Teresa Cos

WW#15 is presented as part of the cooperation between bb15 and the gfk – Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik OÖ (Upper Austrian Society for Cultural Politics) on the topic of disruption (Störung).

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