Cinéma Maison S02E01 – RECOVERY CHANNEL

Video Screening:
April 3rd, 2020, 7:30pm sharp

Unctuous Between Fingers, Bryony Gillard, 2019 (15 min)
The Sasha, María Molina Peiró, 2019 (20 min)
Hacking Nature Documentary, Amy Cutler, 2018 (11 min)
Darwin geht baden, Melanie Ludwig, 2015 (3:31 min)
Here Is Everything, Duke and Battersby, 2013 (14 min)

For the next edition of Cinema Maison, bb15 will screen video works that propose alternative readings of the nature documentary genre. Typically equipped with a scienti c or educational approach, these documentaries shape general knowledge about the natural world. Inspired by lm making techniques, soundscapes or voice narrations of wildlife and ecosystem documentation, the selected works re ect upon the hierarchy that this genre has tended to create between humans and other forms of living critters. Cinema Maison: RECOVERY CHANNEL addresses nature documentaries as an anthropocentric, male-dominated and colonial construct, while at the same time opening up to human and non-human entanglements, the big compost of life and multispecies worlding.

Programmed by Romana Bund and Marie-Andrée Pellerin