A CLICK, A WINK, A NOD OR THE BLINK OF AN EYE – a temporary assemblage exploring the edges of perception

Opening Hours: June 22nd – 30th, 3 – 6pm
Please refer to the current Covid19 Regulations! 

For several years, Elisabeth Molin has been collecting materials and making auditory interviews related to the edges of vision and perception. In her solo exhibition a click, a wink, a nod or the blink of an eye, Molin will assemble and disassemble fragments from these stories, making a temporary installation in the space.

She explores the world through an associative, process driven approach to storytelling. Writing and stories – in one form or another – are always part of her method of working, which materializes itself as printed matter, installations, sculptures and video works. Molin‘s work often responds to an accelerated yet fragmented feeling for time, and through them she attempts to suggest new intersections, new temporal materialities and new modes of belonging.

Elisabeth Molin (b.1985, Denmark) studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and MA Photography at Royal College of Art in London. She has recently shown work at Wiels in Brussels, Sundy in London, Six- ty Eight Institute in Copenhagen, Austrian Cultural Forum in London and MAW, ISCP and Columbia University in New York.

Elisabeth Molin