Airbag/14Holes is a hybrid sound sculpture somewhere between a bagpipe, an organ, and a children’s toy. To create sound, it uses abandoned recorder flutes that, following forced musical exploration during adolescence, were never played again.

Through a collecting campaign, a nomadic group of recorders are conscripted into the Linz Recorder Flute Asylum. Airbag/14Holes will provide air to this group of flutes. A heavy, continuous interaction between the flutes produces the emergent sound, like a dysfunctional organ finally finding its voice after a long period of silence.

In his residency at bb15, Lukas De Clerck will use Airbag/14Holes as his instrument by manipulating the air flows, to be performed during the closing exhibition.

We could use that lonely recorder (Blockflöte) that you have at home. Send us an email!

The project is part of the Oscillations: Exercises in Resilience project.
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.