pepsi, cola, water?

Exhibition / Screening
Saturday, May 1st 2021, 14:00 –19:00pm

The Film will be screened in a loop. (09:18min)
Please refer to the current Covid19 Regulations!

“pepsi, cola, water?” (2015, 09:18)  is a short experimental documentary about Sun Ra’s legendary visit to Egypt in 1971.
Jazz pioneer and philosopher Sun Ra had a deep fascination with outer space and ancient Egypt. Computer animation, archival footage and music from Sun Ra are interwoven to create a recreation/celebration of his legendary visit to Egypt. The result is a film as far out as Sun Ra himself.

You can meet Tom Bogeart at AFO, where he currently has a residency. Also, there is an opportunity to see another Sun Ra related work of his this fall, as he is one of our Open Call residency artists!

Tom Bogaert worked as a refugee lawyer for the UN and Amnesty International until the age of 38. He had his first solo exhibition in NYC in 2008 with the legendary ‘Jack the Pelican Presents’ gallery and moved to Amman, Jordan soon thereafter. Bogaert has widely exhibited in Europe, the US and in the MENA region—mainly in artist-run and non-profit venues. He was awarded first prize at the Videoex film festival in Zurich, Switzerland for his experimental documentary “pepsi, cola, water?” about the legendary jazz pioneer Sun Ra and his infamous 1971 visit to Egypt.