Composition #7

Exhibition Opening: November 17th 2022, 7 pm
Opening Hours: November 18th – 25th, 3–6pm, Sa/Su closed

The sound installation Composition #7 focuses on a special and delicate performance practice that made use of Anton Bruckner‘s works in the form of „Dunkelkonzerte“ during the Nazi era. The Wiener Konzerthaus was completely darkened and listening to Bruckner was advertised as a pseudo-religious, transcendental experience in the context of the National Socialist blood and soil ideology.

Composition #7 points to this acousmatic concert practice to present Bruckner‘s Seventh Symphony in the form of a special sound/space setting that refers to LaMonte Young‘s drone music happenings. This new interpretation presents Bruckner‘s music in complete contradiction to the „Dunkelkonzerte“ of the 1940s.

Composition#7_LucasNorer_bb15_©LB (1)_WEB