How to unfocus completely

Exhibition Opening: May 17th 2022, 7pm
Opening Hours: May 18th – 24th, 3 – 6pm; Sunday closed
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The more harmony spreads, the less we notice cacophony – it becomes pleasing to listen to sounds come after sounds slower as a gradually unwound sentence loses the weight of its substance. This gives room for skewing the meaning, to the denial and refusal of an unpleasant thought.

Repeating something multiple times gives reassurance, it becomes a mantra like the lyric: „I’m not here/ this isn’t happening,“ from Radiohead’s How to disappear completely on Kid A (2000), written as a reverse affirmation for stress relief. We might also feel reassured by multiple voices saying the same thing, like choruses leading us through the rites of mass or Baltic choirs summoning freedom from under the Soviet regime.

Thinking of such notions, Kristin Reiman is building a choir piece that starts from a tight dissonant cluster and dissolves into a consonance of easy, satisfying harmonies; the lyrics gradually dissolve their initial impulse, unfocusing on why anything was sung at all.

Kristin Reiman (*1992, Estonia) predominantly works with sound and writing, mostly in the shape of recorded monologues and mock-forms of larger musical pieces like operas or choir laments. They studied Fine Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where they are currently based. In addition to art, Reiman makes music as Man Rei.

How to unfocus completely - Kristin Reiman


Kristin Reiman recorded a choir song in bb15 back in May 2022 and made a small edition of tapes with it – you can snag a copy from her Bandcamp!

Written, recorded and mastered by Kristin Reiman

Sung by:
Anna Sophie Adelt
Jonathan Eduardo Brito
Sam Bunn
Gabriela Gordillo
Alexandra Nedel
Julia Vogt