BestOFF 2023

With the „hosted by“ series, bb15 offers Linz-based art students the opportunity to show their semester or final projects to the public.

Opening Hours: October 13th – 31st, 3 – 6pm; Saturday, Sunday & Monday closed

Studierende der Kunstuniversität stellen in kooperierenden Räumen aus Kooperierende Räume stellen in der Kunstuniversiät aus.

Daniel Haas is an audiovisual artist, coming from synthesizers and electronic music. His main focus is on controlling and manipulating sound and light in order to create unique synesthetic experiences. 

Objekt 1x2m hanging metalplate 

In „dBlech“ a mirror-polished metal-plate is excited with transducers, driven by an audio signal, to create sound and vibration. The signal becomes audible through the plate, with its material properties directly affecting the sound characteristics. The object creates sounds, reflects, and manipulates light, whereby light and sound are inextricably linked since both arise from one and the same source. 

Volkan Dinçer focuses on inter-systemic relationships and ecological questions within a broad research field ranging from perceptual tendencies to symbiotic relationships. 

Artificial Cloud 

„Artificial Cloud“ behaves like a cloud and aims to sustain the continuity of the life cycle. The system is programmed to provide the water needs of the plant by concentrating the moisture in the air in accordance with the needs of the plant with the data obtained from the soil.