Hosted by: Der Lokus

Exhibition Opening: January 27th, 2022, 5:30pm
Opening Hours: January 28th – 29th, 3–6pm

The Design: Tech.Tex department of the Art University Linz invites you to the exhibition of student ceramic objects on social, environmental, and intercultural aspects of human utilization of toilets.

As part of the course Der Lokus by Josseline Engeler, the Department Design: Tech.Tex students dealt in depth with the sanitary theme. They explored its complexity theoretically and scientifically but also developed their own ceramic design objects artistically and practically.

A visit to the factory of a sanitary ceramics manufacturer and the exhibition „Klo & So“ in the Museum of Historical Sanitary Objects in Gmunden, as well as various media inputs from philosophers, scientists, and ecologists, in combination with presentations developed independently on key topics such as „The Toilet in the Film“, „The Toilet in Japan“ or „World Toilet Day“ have led to the creation of an exhibition with diverse content and – in times of resource scarcity and gender awareness – absolutely topical.

With the „hosted by“ series, bb15 offers Linz-based art students the opportunity to show their semester or final projects to the public.