Niemand kann die Maschine bedienen

Opening: Tuesday, November 28th, 7 pm – attention date has changed !!

Opening Hours:
29th November – 15th December
Wednesday – Friday, 3 – 6 pm

Andrea Lüth is a painter. Her art includes drawing, painting, video, text and sculpture alongside installation and art in public space. Her cross-disciplinary works create surprise, subverting expectations and questioning familiar perspectives. Her work spans numerous exhibitions, projects, art in public space, residencies at home and abroad, public and private purchases, prizes and scholarships.

Externally and internally content and form are conflicting and ambiguous.

A word – a sentence – a text
a melody, a song, a dance move
hot shit
a small attempt, a bigger painting.

Image: Untitled, from the series “Les 50 dessins de Montpellier”, digital drawing, variable size, 2019