organ of cause and effect

To think about ruins, one needs to borrow a ruined way of thinking, one that fails to achieve the form of a system. To think about ruins is to think but with scraps of thoughts, it is offering a thought made of scraps, which is to be composed in the manner of cubism, or paranoia, or lyricism. It is a form of thought which needs to be rekindled over and over, just like we need to feed ourselves everyday. It is pieces grabbed by chance and necessity, of which we drop most, pieces we gulp down without discriminating, scraps of knowledge coming from every point of a surface that is perpetually bursting, a one and only world blowing up in several plateaus, at various speeds simultaneously, throttling, in staccato, stroboscopic, per inertia. Un-mediated morsels, bits mediated at different scales, fading out, evaporating, blinding – indifferently. […] A thought made of scraps is a ruinous form of thinking, winged words on its back, articulating and disarticulating space and time, a form of thinking that is living matter, connective, transitive, one that like molasses is bringing about the collapse which is the object and the subject of the thinking, the slow collapse in which one must persist, live, invent, the collapse that is the very substance of thought, and from which – because this is all there is – one has to feed herself, find shelter, learn and teach, care, keep warm, tell stories.

epistemology of scraps. Text by Dalie Giroux. Originally published in french under the title épistémologie des bribes.
François Lemieux is an artist and editor for

Exhibition Opening:
Wednesday, April 10th 2024, 7pm

Artist talk moderated by Julia Grillmayr, with guest Erik Bordeleau.
Thursday, April 25th, 6pm

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April 11th – 25th, 3 – 6pm;
Wednesday to Friday, or individual appointment

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