„I keep pressing record, but the battery symbol is flashing and the blinking red light goes out. While I record, the acoustic is transformed to electric energy and …out of battery.“  

An installation that generates sound and plays with points in time, time spans and duration. It uses electricity as a performer and understands the physicality of infrastructure as a colorful material. Exploring the sites and displacement of energy, electrical or mechanical. Making it visible and audible. Colorful segments of cables, children´s toys and discarded plugs.

The immaterial illusion of modernity leaves us with many overlooked places, materials and noises. To perceive these hidden backgrounds of human lives, one must be aware of the planetary network and infrastructure that feeds them. The buzz of server landscapes, the hum of air conditioners as well as the piercing sounds of scrap presses dealing with the afterlife of our technological objects.

Anna Lerchbaumer is a sound and video artist, she reflects in her works on the relationships between technology, humans and nature. The sculptural aspect plays an important role in her work. She works with found objects and seemingly discarded technologies that are brought to life in the process of making. Anna Lerchbaumer combines obsolescence, raw material things spatially as well as acoustically to create humorous and critical connections.

Solo exhibitions, exhibition participations and performances have been shown at Krinzinger Projects, Zentrale and Mz Baltazare, as well as abroad in China, India and Japan. The artistic, philosophical long-term project together with Kilian Jörg Toxic Temple has been published in book form in 2022 by Edition Angewandte / de Gruyter.

Exhibition Opening: September 6th 2022, 7 pm
Opening Hours: September 7th – 13th, 3 – 6pm;
Please refer to the current Covid19 Regulations!

Coral, Colectivo, Tectónico is a sound project by artist Constanza Alarcón Tennen. It is an evolving audio piece archiving the acoustic experience of earthquakes.

The archive compiles and layers recordings of human voices reproducing their impressions of how an earthquake sounded. As more recordings are integrated, Coral, Colectivo, Tectónico, metabolizes each into a larger communal memory of tectonic experience. As of today, the archive includes over 60 voices and has been shared in different iterations and in many contexts.

Between May and October 2022 it will be exhibited as a sound installation as part of bb15’s project Elementarereignisse commissioned by BIG ART at the Campus of Universität für Bodenkultur Vienna. It will be placed in the BOKU Garden at Gregor-Mendel-House close to Türkenschanzpark.

To participate read the following questions and guide, and send your recollection.

Do you remember Do you remember the sound of an earthquake that you have experienced? Could you try to sing it or reproduce it with your voice only?

~ It does not matter the type of sound or the duration, only that it is produced by your own voice.
~ You can record it with a cell phone, audio device or computer.
~ Try to make your recording as spontaneous as possible, without thinking too much about the answer.
~ Only record your sound once, otherwise it’s very easy to try to “improve” it.

Send your audio file to coralcolectivotectonico@gmail.com you can also use platforms like wetransfer in case the file is too big. If you have any questions, you can write to us at the same email mentioned above. 

More information about the project and the different versions here: www.alarcon-tennen.com/work#/coralcolectivotectonico/

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Performance: 22.07.2022, 7pm-8pm (sharp)

Starting in Linz, Stephanie Quirola & Caroline Profanter will draw out a map, turned into a score, based on their daily explorations of the immediate surroundings of bb15. This map will focus on the accumulation/density and evanescence of real and possible events within a perceptual experience.

Where do sounds dis-appear? The score, based on drawings as well as audio recordings, will be translated into the gallery space as a kind of listening „parcours“, where sound-objects travel between materials, through ears and bodies. The space will be transformed acoustically using simple means, found material and improvised instruments, exploring the symbiotic aspects between materials, feeding back into each other constantly. What is transforming, resonating with what?

As a second part of the residency they will continue the working process at a distance, from 63.1000 48.3000 and 21.6167 14.2833, their combinations multiplying. While Stephanie will be in Vaasa/Finland, they will continue working on the gathered material, seeking ways of experiencing distant proximity. The process will lead into a live transmitted radio creation, happening in situ at bb15, broadcast online and on air on local fm radio stations.

Following their first collaboration, the sound walk „woanders währenddessen“, Stephanie Quirola & Caroline Profanter work with sonic and visual symbols that open up whimsical situations where the uncanny meets the absurd.

Listen to the audio stream online: Radio Player (Live from bb15 during the performance)

The performance will be broadcast on radio fro, radio orange 94.0 and Radio Shirley and Spinoza. Listen in!