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The 3 of us. From Midnight to 2.a.m.

ExhibitionFebruary 21st and 22nd from 19:00 to 22:00 The 3 of us. From Midnight to 2.a.m. is an architectural intervention introducing a poetic response to the given exhibition space. |simultaneously the intervention| addresses the spatial organisation of the opening in bb15 and how it informs and orchestrates our encounter and exchange throughout the evening.The |door|, […]

Synchrony Collapse

Exhibition OpeningJanuary 31st, 19:00 Opening HoursFebruary 1st – 7th, 15:00 – 18:00Sa/Su closed Three video-works explore human selfhood in its evolutionary context. By drawing a parallel with the animal, the set of constraints we are subjected to become more apparent. If we take these constraints into account, how can we redefine human agency, will, and […]

The Beheading of the Fruitfly (initialized)

Exhibition Opening and Sound PerformanceDecember 13th, 19:00live stream: https://www.awdio.com/live-stream-bb15-linz-13th-dec-2016/3996qzrr3b-the-beheading-of-the-fruitfly-initialized-/players Book Presentation‚What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?‘                                                                             The artist in conversation with curator Marijana Schneider  December 16th, 19:00 Opening HoursDecember 14th – 21st, 15:00 – 18:00Sa/Su closed In July 2015, the United States publicised their plans to gain the number one position in […]

The Black Box Theory

One sees a fruit basket full of apples. After some napping, one sees that the very same fruit basket is now full of oranges. What will happen to the fruit basket if one takes another nap?In science, a „black box“ is a device or system that should be understood only by its inputs and outputs. […]

Losing Chorus

Exhibition Opening                                                                                                                    September 20th, 19:30 Finissage with Artist Lecture                                                                                                       September 27th, 19:30 Opening […]

Folly 2 / Igman Hotel

Folly 2 / Igman Hotel addresses the failure and collapse of political systems and the subsequent human tragedies that today are increasingly present. The new-media installation is inspired by a hotel, originally built for the Olympic Winter Games of 1984, near Sarajevo. During the acts of aggression within the war of 1992 – 1995, the […]

Breaking Point

‚Breaking Point‘ explores the fragile limits of sound and visual perception by establishing a dialogue between the light conditions of spaces, the resonance of their near materials, and the limits of representation. For this exhibition, the space is used as an acoustic chamber, activated by a sculpture that reproduces sounds just beyond the limits of […]

Game and Performance

Vowels are spokenTo be brokenFeelings are intenseWords are trivial(Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence) Game and Performance is a multi-media exhibition that probes the orifices of language — getting sucked in, chewed upon and spat out in the process…. Spptttt! From office to club, from the demands of the workweek to ‚living for the weekend‘, the works […]

0,5 m³

The exhibition 0,5 m3 is the result of an investigation into the sculptural presence of everyday objects and their acoustic manifestations.  It focuses on objects formed from ventilation shafts, spatially recontextualized and combined with the immaterial mediums sound and light. The objects and the immateriality itself, are uncoupled from their original function in order to […]

High Fidelity

From an enquiry into the relation of the fabrication of sounds and their reception, considering smooth and cold, or conversely, complex and swarming sounds, a relation between the production of a sound and what you hear is staged. a reconstructed scenario amongst other possible ones. Complex and simple sounds are generated in such a way […]